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About us

Firstly to apologise for the change of date to the end of the competition to those people whom I know were getting excited. I was too! In February, I thought that finally I would be able to re-locate nearer my mother who is nearly 90 years old.


It became clear to me in the last couple of months that we could do so much more with this competition than I had first thought. As long as we can hit the magic numbers we can raise a lot of money for worthy causes.


The problem with competitions like these is that they rely on people to have a bit of faith. If everyone who reads this buys an entry then we will hit the big target of 550,000 entries. (about 250,000 people at an average of £10 per time) The more you share the competition, the more people enter and the closer the target gets.


We have added an extra question at the  request of the credit card company which will be also taking  payments in the next couple of weeks, though you will still be able to pay by direct bank. Entries before this question will still be valid so don't worry, nothing has changed.


I have two main reasons for the date change. One is that one of the good causes is the campaign to stop Yulin happening in June and in the future. It is best to have our biggest publicity around May to help with that cause. Secondly, a couple of weeks ago, I was made aware by my husband, with whom I have been separated for nearly 18 months, that he  is suffering from Cancer and wanted to return here to his family. We are hoping that the healing  climate will help him  recover the health he has lost since he left.


 It would be impossible and unwise to move him in February or March. Therefore, the date is now May 18th and will not change again.


I note that many house competitions in the past, have run for many months, even a year. I thought that this was such a good opportunity that I would be able to meet the target very quickly. Now even once the target is reached, we cannot move till the Spring. However,  legally we can only allow 550,000 entries to be sold, so once they have all gone, the competition will close, but the date will remain as 18th May as the start of the judging date.


We still need to get a lot of entries to reach the target.


Despite what you may read in the newspapers, this property has had many buyers over the last few years. It has been my  lack of judgement and  mis-placed  trust in human nature, that has prevented sales from progressing.


 There is always someone interested in buying it. If the winner does not wish to take possession of the property, we have a list of interested parties who seem very keen on a fast sale.


Thank you to all those of you who have and are supporting this competition, so many of you have sent me emails and I appreciate all of your good wishes.  All best to you all, Susan.



Please note that the peacocks are not pets and fly about wherever they like. Hence they are not included in the competition as I don't own them. But at present they are frequent visitors and have been for 14 years.

Secluded -  but not remote. Only a few miles across the sea and you are can get to the Lake District.