Win your Castle

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Completed by William Douglas Robinson in the 1880’s, on the site of a mansion dating from around 1761, Orchardton was built in ‘Scottish Baronial’ style. The building has seen life as a hotel, a school and a hospital for wounded soldiers.


There are forty five rooms as well as store rooms, a walk in linen cupboard and impressive hallways. Seventeen of the rooms are bedrooms and there are three full flats contained within the property. Most rooms and hallways have original wooden shutters. There is even a manual pulley on one of the two sets of full height staircases previously used to transport linens up and down the five levels of the house. It has a luxurious grand staircase and two further staircases, one of wood and one of stone.


We are situated on the Scottish Riviera with sea views at the back and hill views at the front, Gulf stream weather allows for rare plants and trees, including a palm tree in the back garden. The properties, approach is from the front gates to the north leading to a turning circle and parking area.  There are also two other vehicle entrances.


With five acres of land in total there are extensive lawns, established woodland, giant rhododendrons (over 100 years old) and an enclosed hedged garden to the south. Peacocks, deer and pheasants are regular visitors.


There is an old wooden stand-alone sauna which could be redeveloped next to a large pond.  Across the fields you will find access to the very private beach. Only 16 miles across the sea to the Lake District in Cumbria, England.


Close to Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbright, Kippford and Dumfries, voted happiest town in Scotland to live. It is 90 miles south of Edinburgh and Glasgow and within an hour and a half of the ferry to Northern Ireland. Less than 3 hours Manchester and 5 hours London.


In the 2003 I had to renovate Orchardton, replacing wiring and plumbing, adding central heating and boilers, removing partitioning and doing various work to the building. Decorating all except 2 of the rooms, it took two full years to finish. More work came as it was refurbished in 2016 and had a new flat roof and turrets,  plus several areas were re-painted inside. We also overhauled the front door and restored glass panels within the woodwork. 4 months ago Orchardton had 2 new boilers and the loft was completely insulated.


Orchardton Castle is a Grade B listed building, In 2016 a black book came to light which showed the original mansion and how the building was altered with the much smaller original mansion still within its walls. Changes were made in the late 1800’s, the roof was lifted and another floor added as well as fortifications to the front and back including turrets.


Several archeological and architectural studies have been carried out at the castle. It also has a paddock , stables and its own wildlife pond.

It is thought that William Douglas was a smuggler and may even have built a secret tunnel down to the sea!